FIRE camp is an all-day service camp where students in grades 6-8 come together to get to know each other better, work in groups to serve those in the local community, praise God with Mass and Praise and Worship, and then the night ends with a dance party and campfire.  There is also an optional overnight for 7th and 8th graders if there are chaperones.

FIRE Camp 2019 has been postponed
and is now scheduled for

Saturday, May 18th
Registration is open!!!!

Students in grades 6-12 can register all at the same link:

We are doing student online registration through Google Forms.  You should not have to create a google account to access the form.  If you are unable to do it or have problems, let me know and I can put the information in for you.  Students of all ages are welcome to bring a friend, regardless of the school or church they attend.

Adults are needed as volunteers in many ways and can sign up here:


Grades 6-8
I just wanted to remind you all about FIRE Camp and to ask that you get your child signed up so we can start forming groups.  FIRE Camp is an amazing day where we come together as a large group, jam out with DJ Bill (professional DJ from Minnesota), break into our smaller work groups and then head out to the local neighborhood where we will do some spring projects for them such as raking, washing windows and putting out patio furniture.  This is the best part of the day for the kids--getting to spend time talking with the homeowners is always the highlight of the day.  Afterwards, we come back for Mass, dinner and more time with DJ Bill.  We end the night with a campfire.  Students in grades 7 and 8 have the option to sleepover.
Families with 5th graders, if you want to learn more about what FIRE Camp is, many parents in the past have volunteered to get a taste of it.
Grades 9-12
High school students participate as peer leaders.  They are paired up with an adult and group of campers to go out to the worksites.  They are able to drive themselves and can work with a friend.  This counts as great service hours if needed and myself or their adult leader can sign off on the form for them.  If the morning shift does not work for their schedule, we also need some help with the dance party and campfire in the evening.


Check out the photos from Fire Camp 2018