Meet Sarah Derouin - Youth Minister

Serving St. John since 2014

I grew up in Greenleaf, Wis., the oldest of three. My family is quite close with extended relatives and continues to gather as a large family for holiday meals.

I attended St. Mary's Catholic School and then finished my education at the Wrightstown public schools. I had a strong passion to teach and go into medicine, leading me to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It was there where I finally felt the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.....for the first time in my life I felt that God loved ME.....all of me, not just the good and happy stuff, but all of it, a moment I will never forget.

This feeling led me to want to be more involved in my college campus Catholic Church and student center. I was part of a group that led weekly gatherings and speakers for undergraduates. I also did peer ministry, meeting one-on-one with other students who wanted to grow in their faith.

Why I am at this job: Because I want to share this joy that I experienced with young people. I can't imagine where my life be without my faith, and I want students to know that there is something more than what we can see and touch in front of us....more than any THING, but a person, Jesus Christ, a loving God who wants to dwell deep in our hearts and a Spirit so captivating that we can't wait to be fully immersed!

Why teenagers: At a time when they are seeking answers to bigger life questions, I want to be there to walk with them on their journey and help them in any way I at least praying for them and bringing Jesus to them and encouraging them to, in turn, want to be with Jesus. 

Education: Bachelor of science in zoology, gender studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2008. Religious certification-Emmaus Program, Silver Lake College, Manitowoc, Wis., 2013.

Prior experience: Various leadership roles at Badger Catholic/St. Paul University Catholic Church, Madison, 2006-08. Coordinator of religious education and youth ministry, St. Clare Parish, 2009-14.

Family: Married to Mike; two stepchildren, Logan and Brianna. 

Hobbies/interests: SOFTBALL.......let's play!!  I am always up for anything whether it be a sporting game, board games, charades, tag or hide-and-seek. I also love being outside for hours camping and ATV riding.

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