Service is one of the core values of St John School, and is defined as a giving of time to fill a need. It is hoped that our students will not so much count their hours of service but instead will become adults who do service for those in need without hesitation. Students may begin accumulating service hours as of May 15 of their fifth grade year.

Service hours must consist of the following:

  • Service to family - This includes any babysitting, yard work, housework or errands done for extended family.
  • Service to school - This includes any activity that directly benefits St. John School.
  • Service to parish - This includes any activity that benefits St. John Parish.
  • Service to community - This includes anything that benefits any community. Any work done for relatives does not fall under this heading (if a relative is in charge of a community project, that is acceptable).

Students may qualify for the following service awards:

  • Outstanding Service Award
  • Good Citizen Award
  • Light of Christ Award
  • St. John Middle School Service Award

Click HERE for the Stewardship page and discover the many volunteer opportunities in the church community.

Click HERE for the Home & School page and see what opportunities they have available for events at school.

F - Follow Christ’s Example 
A - Accept Challenges and Responsibilities 
I - Inspire Wisdom 
T - Thank God by Sharing our Gifts 
H - Help Others