St. John School has lots of exciting, special events throughout the school year.  For exact dates, please see the SCHOOL CALENDAR

Red Carpet Mass

We literally roll out the red carpet for students coming in for the first all-school mass of the year!  Families and friends are encouraged to line the red carpet and cheer on the students as they process from the school to church, and Father Ron, Deacon George and Deacon Dave greet them with high fives and hand shakes as they enter into the church.

Hot Dog Day

This event sponsored by Home and School is once a month on a Friday, where teachers and students can dress in casual clothes and are provided with hot dogs, soda or water, a snack and a dessert.

Christmas Concert

In December, students in 3K-8th grade perform Christmas songs for family and friends.  In 2017, we had our first performance from the new orchestra and new band, and we hope to continue this addition to our annual tradition.

Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week is a national celebration of Catholic education in the US starting the last Sunday in January and continuing through out the week.  SJS ends with the Pep Rally for God (see below).  SJS celebrates Catholic Schools Week with daily themes for dressing up and special activities such as a pizza and ice cream social, bowling field trip and an outing for preschoolers.

Pep Rally For God

The Pep Rally For God is the final event during Catholic Schools Week.  Friday afternoon the kids in grades 4K - 8 grade perform a song and dance for family and friends.  St John School staff members will join in with a cheer or two.  This is an amazing tradition you won't want to miss.

Pep Rally For God 2018 Pictures

Science Fair

In the spring, students from grades 1-5 are able to participate in the annual science fair.  It is not a required event, can be done with a partner, and is not judged, but allows for the students to learn more about a subject they are passionate about.  Students not participating will get a chance to walk around and learn more about each project display.

Art Fair

Artwork from students in grades Kindergarten - 8th grade is on display throughout the cafeteria during the Science Fair.

8th Grade Drama

The 8th grade drama production is a St. John School tradition that has been going strong for over 40 years!   All the 8th graders choose to take part as a cast member and/or part of the tech crew.  Each 8th grader is given a copy of the script and chooses which part they want to do for auditions, and the director and assistant director (staff members) decide the final casting.  The theme is always a Christian-based plot with Christian music.  Rehearsals are held during lunch recess, study hall and after school in the months of February, March and April. 

The students are privileged to rehearse at Xavier High School's Hall of Fine Arts the week of the show.  Two shows are held at Xavier at the end of April or beginning of May.  Our St John School students attend the afternoon show, and the evening show is open to the public.  The students learn many things about the theatre, how to work as a team, hidden talents that they discover, all with Jesus Christ as their Center.  This annual drama tradition creates positive memories for the students and staff to carry in their hearts and minds forever.​

8th Grade Drama 2018 Pictures