The Spanish curriculum at St. John School is a comprehensive program starting in kindergarten. Younger students are immersed in the language through songs and stories in Spanish. Movement games are incorporated and basic vocabulary is introduced (numbers, colors, days and months, animals, family, weather). As students progress through the years, they learn basic conversation and practice speaking with partners. They increase their vocabulary through theme based units, and often express the new vocabulary through artwork. Older students begin to learn the basic grammatical structures of the Spanish language. They practice speaking, listening, reading and writing to help them gain confidence in using the language. They learn prayers, poems and songs to reinforce the natural flow of the language. They read short stories and novels for comprehension and for starting points in discussion and reflection. By the time they graduate from St. John School, students have a strong foundation in the language and are well prepared to begin Spanish II at the high school level.

spanish teacher

Tami Johnson