3-year old Preschool and 4-year old pre-Kindergarten

Welcome to the preschool and pre-kindergarten programs at St. John School!  We are proud of our skilled and devoted teachers, and the curriculum they have created for our youngest students.

What do the students learn in class?

  • An alphabet letter each week that covers phonics and writing.
  • Shapes/Colors/ Numbers/Introduction to math concepts with counting, graphing, & sorting.
  • Social skills by creating independence, a positive self-image through play, and cooperative learning with peers.
  • Community Relations with a food drive for the St. John Food Pantry through "Stuff the Turkey Campaign"
  • Big Buddy/ Little Buddy. Children are partnered up with a higher grade to provide older peer role modeling.
  • Seeds Religion activities that follow the Gospel in Church. It is age appropriate and geared specifically for 4 and 5 year-olds.

What kind of activities do they do?

  • With the letter of the week, a letter page is created for their alphabet portfolio (Prek-4). The alphabet portfolio goes home at the end of the year with all their hard work. A table of contents explains what was done for each letter.  A letter song is sung daily. Letter formation and phonics as a new letter are presented each week. The range of development is wide and children need time to develop fine motor skills through painting, cutting, drawing, and play dough experimentation.
  • In the Pre-3's letters and numbers are talked about, but the curriculum is geared toward social experience.

Do children receive any special learning? (i.e. one-on-one time, students spotlight, extra help learning to read)

  • As the children become confident leaving mom and dad, and when they are adjusted to the routine of school, assessments are done on the basic skills of letter recognition, shapes, colors, and numbers. Children are also screened for physical delays.
  • If a child is delayed with speech, a specialist from the Little Chute School District comes in to observe and provides additional services.
  • Each week a child is chosen for Special Person of the Week. The week will include special activities to celebrate that child.  

What differentiates St. John School's teaching from other school's preschool or pre-k teaching?

  • Hands-on activities are provided as much as possible.

What works best in the classroom environment?

  • With the smaller class size, children can be given more one-on-one time.
  • Promote a positive classroom environment while providing a quality program with developmental appropriate activities throughout the day.
  • Incorporate His message into our daily schedule, i.e. kindness, love and understanding.

Why choose St John's School for your child?

  • Flexibility with learning styles and fun infused with faith-based lessons! Some children need to hear the music to understand a concept, others may need to move their bodies in gym, some are visual learners that can see a letter on the blackboard or card and grasp the knowledge and all of this is possible in our environment at St. John School.
3 & 4-Year Pre-K Teacher

Deenna Hietpas 

Nicole Geurts

3 & 4-year Pre-K Assistants

Susan Lamers

Jenn Vanden Hogen