Welcome to Fourth Grade!!!

Our fourth-grade curriculum is faith centered.  Religion is integrated throughout all areas of learning not just religion. 

Religion in fourth grade focuses on a deeper understanding of the Ten Commandments, the Liturgical church year and participating in Reconciliation.  As well as how to develop a closer personal relationship with the Holy Trinity; God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Literacy is focused on developing reading skills, proficient writing and grammatical skills.  Also, developing and extending student vocabulary skills.   We encourage independent reading and writing skills through Writer’s Workshop.

Mathematics focuses on multiplication, division and fractions.  We currently work with the Math Expressions Curriculum.  The program is designed to offer students various method of learning mathematical concepts.

Science presents students with an opportunity to explore animal habitats, species and kingdoms.

Social Studies is the exploration of Wisconsin History and the Geography of the United States.  We explore Native American culture and the exploration of the developing and evolving America.