In the Art Room, grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade have many different focuses throughout the year.

For Early Childhood, our focus is to master the basic skills such as using a scissors properly, how to use a paint brush, the different paint types, and so much more!

For Early Adolescence-Adolescence, we focus on using the skills we have mastered to create choice-based artwork. The kids are encouraged to choose to make artwork that interests them and gets them excited to create art.  They are given a direction and guideline as to the subject or topic at hand, but are then given the responsibility of choosing what interests them. In the classroom, we learn about the different artists that have had an impact on civilization throughout history and how art has evolved over time.

Throughout the year, we work towards creating artwork to display in the Art Show that occurs towards the end of the year in the Spring Spectacular.  The kids work very hard for this special time of the year. We also collaborate with many different subject areas. The Science Fair and Art Show have coincided for the past few years. During this time, we typically draw quite a crowd in to see all of the great work produced. Also every year in Middle School, Science, Physical Education, and Art take a combined field trip to High Cliff where they learn how to navigate a compass while exploring the landscape and geologic features and creation of the area along with creating installations with nature.


Chelsea Klister