St. John School offers students in PreK4 though 8th grade technology access on a daily basis!  

Each classroom has a Smartboard to enhance the learning experience with skills teachers bring forward.

PreK4 and Kindergarten students have iPad integration, promoting educational games to further enhance math, reading, writing, and social skills. 

As a G-Suite school (Google Apps), Kindergarten through 8th grade students all have Google Logins in the school domain. Through twice a week computer classes, students learn the basics of computer login, digital citizenship, and creative processes using multiple online tools. 

Beyond the computer classroom, students have access to Chromebooks in the classroom. 1st through 5th grade students have Chromebooks in their classrooms and Chromebook carts. 6th through 8th grade students have 1:1 integration for furthering the academic experiences with exploring new tools with technology. 

Technology is an ever changing environment.  If you would like to help enhance our technology click here to make a donation to the school.


computer teacher

Jonathon Karrels