Academic excellence is proven at St. John School. With our talented, fully accredited educators, we see to it that every child succeeds to the best of their abilities.   

What does St. John School offer?

  • St. John School offers an individualized education and a robust learning intervention program for students above or below average. 
  • We are proud to have specialists in computer literacy, creative arts, physical education, Spanish and music (including band and orchestra).
  • Unlike many schools, we have a full-time guidance counselor to address the needs and concerns of our students.
  • SMART boards are in nearly every classroom and we provide 1:1 middle school tablet technology
  • Take a look at our after school offerings as well!

MAP Testing

St. John School, like many area schools, uses the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) to test students' academic progress. MAP is a national assessment tool that help teachers target instruction and administrators to make well-informed system-wide decisions. MAP testing occurs twice a year, in the fall and spring for students in first grade through eighth grade.

MAP tests present students with engaging, age-appropriate content. As a student responds to questions, the test responds to the student with a more challenging or easier question.  As a result, educators can understand your student's unique learning needs.

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