Meet Louise Van Harpen - 1st Grade Assistant

What I love about St. John School?

I have always loved being a part of St John. The kids and families are amazing and so supportive. Working with the very best faculty has been a very rewarding experience to grow and share my faith with.

My favorite part of teaching?

It has been not only being able to teach the basics of education but also have been able to bring in our faith throughout the curriculum.

What I like to do outside of school?

My husband and I have four children who now share 12 grandkids with us. Our youngest is four months old and our oldest is in college. We enjoy being a part of their activities and spending time with them.

My education

I graduated from Marian College and have continued taking classes throughout the years.

My professional training

I have gone to many seminars about the teaching of reading, phonics, math, and religion.