Meet Chelsea Klister - Creative Arts

Why I love St. John School

St. John’s has a welcoming atmosphere that is family based. When looking for a job, those qualities and characteristics were key factors.  There is also much support all throughout the community.

My favorite part of teaching

My favorite part of teaching at St. John’s is being able to see and experience the growth and creativity of the students. You see their personalities truly come out while creating their work.  

What I like to do outside of school

When I am not teaching at St. John’s, I like to keep myself busy whether it be refinishing furniture, creating my own artwork, working as a stylist, hunting, riding my motorcycle or just being active in general.

My education

I recently graduated from UW-Oshkosh with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education.

My professional training

Even though I have been at St. John’s for four years now, they have worked with me and my crazy schedules to accommodate both in which I could finish my degree and teach all at the same time.