The Connection Team serves God’s people by warmly greeting and welcoming parishioners and visitors as they gather for church service, social events and prayer.

Some of our goals:

* Oversee and Enlist Ambassadors:
We are creating another layer between the door greeters and the church ushers. Our goal is for all parishioners to be greeted several times as they enter into our church! 

* Ambassadors have a presence at funerals, mass and church events.

* Volunteer at the Information Desk located in the gathering space.

* Welcome 100% of new parish members within three-months of them registering. We accomplish this goal by providing a mentor to each new member who connects through phone call, meetings and events.

We meet the second Tuesday of every month at 5:15 p.m. in Room 11.

Stop at the Information Desk in the gathering space, or call the parish office at 788-9061 if you have an interest in being one of our friendly faces! We would love to have you!