Jesus gave His life to save ours. This supreme sacrifice shows us that as Christians we are called to steadfastly minister to the needs of others with the gifts God has given us. With purpose, humility and love, we seek out and embrace the many ways we have to serve. At the end of our earthly days, we long to hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant!" 


Introducing the new Online Giving program at St. John! 

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These are the dedicated teams that are the hands and feet of Jesus, using their time, talents and treasures to respectfully and lovingly serve others.

Visioning Committees (interviewed positions): 

  • Disciple Formation Committee
  • Disciples In Action Committee
  • Disciple Celebration Committee

Other Committees:


Service Opportunities

If you are looking for other ways to volunteer at St. John Nepomucene Catholic Community on a more sporadic basis, here are a list of things you can do!

  • Mass servers
  • Mass Eucharistic ministers
  • Mass ushers
  • Mass coffee bar
  • Mass greeters
  • Mass vocalists or musicians
  • Church cleaning
  • Making baked goods
  • Ambassador (flexibility based on your schedule)
  • Information Desk


Faith Development

Click HERE to volunteer for Grades 1-4.


youth ministry

Click HERE for ways to volunteer and support our Youth Ministry.



We live the words of Mother Teresa, "Everyone can do something beautiful for God...This is the future, this is God's wish for us, to serve through love in action."

If you are looking for volunteers for a certain project, please contact the parish office at (920) 788-9061 or