Parents are encouraged to contact the parish office soon after their child's birth to set up a time for baptism. The parish provides help with baptism preparation. Deacons meet with the families individually.


Immediate preparation for the Sacrament of the Eucharist begins in second grade. Faith development and the school work together to promote proper understanding of receiving this sacrament.


Students in their junior year of high school are helped in their preparation to receive this sacrament by the parish, their parents and their sponsors.


First Reconciliation precedes the reception of Holy Eucharist. Families and students are prepared to celebrate the sacrament of forgiveness through school and faith development.  

Adult reconciliation services are planned for St. John and area parishes.

Anointing of the Sick

Families wishing for the Anointing of the Sick for their loved ones are to contact the parish office or Father Ron to set up an appointment. Anointing services are also scheduled in Catholic churches in the area.

Holy Orders

Anyone interested in Holy Orders should contact the Office of the Bishop at (920) 272-8194.


Couples planning their wedding are to contact the parish office, meet with Father Ron, and partake in our wedding day preparation day/marriage preparation class. They are offered twice a year in the spring and fall.