Liturgy of the Word for Children is offered at all weekend Masses for children ages 4 to 9. Children are dismissed from Sunday Liturgy before the readings and go to a separate place to hear the Scripture readings in terms appropriate for their age and to do activities to help them remember Jesus' message for that day. Children return to their families before the Eucharist begins.

This ministry is led by adult volunteers. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Char Kilsdonk at


NEW - "First Step"

Each weekend, at all three liturgies, we will provide a safe and comfortable space for our youngest children and their parents. A carpeted area with playthings for the children will be set up in Fellowship Hall near a TV monitor. Parents or caregivers may take their child/children to this area when they feel the child/children are becoming restless. After a time when the "wiggles" have calmed, parents and children are encouraged to return to the assembly. 

Children ages 3 and up can continue to attend Children's Liturgy of the Word where they experience age appropriate activities such as singing, listening to the weekly readings, and doing a follow-up activity.