The Sharing Trees are up and look beautiful!.

Everyone is invited to take an ornament, which will support one of six charities: Harbor House, St. John Food Pantry, Refugees, Homeless Connections, Children of an Incarcerated Parent and Mother and Unborn Baby Care.

Please consider sharing your Christmas with those less fortunate. Attach the ornament to your unwrapped gift and place it back under the tree by Sunday, December 16th. Mother and Unborn Baby Care tells us that one of their greatest weapons against abortion is the ultrasound. If a young mother sees the baby within her womb, it is often mind changing for her. Any monetary donation to them will be used to offset the cost of ultrasound tests and educational materials.

Gift certificates or monetary donations can either be dropped off at the parish office or placed in the slotted boxes under the tree. God bless you for your generosity!