We offer our church community as a place of mercy and hope where everyone feels loved and welcomed. Mass in our beautiful church is only a part of the weekend experience. 

In our GATHERING SPACE, we serve coffee and hospitality at our HOLY GROUNDS COFFEE BAR after all Masses. Cookies, apple cider and water for children no matter what age. Stay to meet new people, renew friendships, to share life with each other and to celebrate God's love.  We’re always looking for more people to help us with hospitality too.

Not far from our coffee bar, on the south side of the Gathering Space, the INFORMATION DESK is the place where you will find all the information about St. John Nepomucene Catholic Community’s efforts.  

Our FELLOWSHIP HALL produces exactly what the title states; a place to have a meal, sit and visit with others. Faith development classes, adult education classes, as well as funeral dinners are served here. It also has a fully functional kitchen. You can also book this room for your individual parties by checking into the parish office for availability.

Adjoining the Fellowship Hall is the MSGR. JIM ROOM. This room has a functional kitchen and can also be rented out. At times it is used as an extension of the Fellowship Hall for church activities.

The HOSPITALITY ROOM / COMMUNITY LIBRARY is a place to check out educational materials and a place for families to gather for funerals and weddings. Additional meetings are also held here.

The PRAYER GARDEN is located on the south side of the church, and is a place where you can stop and mediate among the flowers (or snowbanks). Bricks can be purchased for the prayer garden path on which you can place your loved ones’ name. A wooden statue of Jesus welcomes you into the garden.

The FOOD PANTRY is located in the back entrance to the church.  This volunteer-run operation serves approximately 50 families each month and over 150 people including adults and children. Click here to learn more!

Professional photographs may be taken in these spaces so long as it doesn't interfere with events taking place. Please review the scheduled events on our calendar as close as three days prior to taking photos, and inform Sarah Zouski-Teske of the date and time.